📺 Road Trip to Explore America

Dave, Karla, Patrice, Kevin - RV There Yet?
This new reality travel series, starting on Saturday, January 1 at 8am ET & PT on Discovery Channel, will take viewers along on a road trip to explore America featuring fun detours along the way. Our crew will hike, camp, explore, taste and experience their way across this beautiful country. Buckle up and hit the road with a former Park Ranger and general know-it-all, a hippie fashionista from Rabbit Hash, KY, a self-proclaimed RV kitchen culinary expert, and an adrenaline-junky television producer. Backed by the National Park Service, our main focus is to visit as many U.S. National Parks and National Monuments as we can while taking the side roads to see some of the greatest and quirkiest national treasures. Each episode will highlight just how incredibly diverse and unique this country is. We have some of the most spectacular resources within our reach, and we can’t wait to show you just how lucky we are to live in America.

Meet the Cast
In each episode we will challenge each other to climb the highest peak, zip across the fastest zip lines, and tip toe to the edge of breathtaking vistas. After the hike, grab a seat around the campfire, share in some good food and laugh about all our adventures. You can ride shotgun in the front seat so please join the ride!

Grand Canyon North Rim
RVers look after one another, it’s a tight network of like-minded travelers and it is our pleasure to pass on cool hacks and solutions to some of the challenges one might encounter when traveling in an RV. Every episode will include maps to the best roads, National and State Parks you don't want to miss and where the best view is. We'll also share tips on RV care, must-have equipment, ways to set up, easy to make recipes and outdoor cooking tips, technology rigs, and much, much more. This television series will entertain, educate and inspire you to get out and explore the RV lifestyle.

Behind the Scenes
There are lots of questions being asked when on the road, but the one question EVERYONE always want to know is RV THERE YET?

Buckle Up and join us in the Right Lane Life . . .

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