Patrice & Kevin | Pleasant Mountain
Season 3 of this Discovery Channel series starts Saturday, April 6th at 8:30am ET and PT taking viewers along on a road trip to explore America featuring wild adventures, crazy detours, and campfire fun along the way. Buckle up and hit the road with Producerman Kevin, an adrenaline junky, television producer and his wife Patrice, a self-proclaimed RV culinary expert. The couple hikes, camps, and tastes their way across this beautiful country meeting people, learning history, creating memories, and inspiring viewers to plan their next RV adventure.

Kevin McCabe, Producerman

Executive Producer | Tech Guru | Daredevil Surfer Dude

If you look up "Cool Dude" in the dictionary, Kevin's picture is listed. He doesn't try to be cool, he was just born that way. Raised in the salt and sand of Cocoa Beach, Florida, this guy has surfed, fished, wake boarded, skateboarded and styled into being one of the biggest trend-setting producers of outdoor television. A child of the MTV era (back when all that was played was music videos), Kevin soon learned that production was what he wanted to do, so he changed his major at the University of South Florida to Mass Communications and put his style and creativity to use in an industry that hadn't changed much over the years - fishing television. He brings the eyes and ears to the team - always in pursuit of the perfect shot (and always terrifyingly too close to the edge for the team to watch) and the soundtrack that will bring it all to life. He eats, sleeps, dreams and wakes up thinking about "how cool would it be if we can do this . . . "It's what drives us all to try something new, push a little out of our comfort zones and feel the rush. He's definitely high-energy, high-pursuit and high quality at all times on this journey. Email Kevin

Patrice Mahoney McCabe, Husker Diva Driver

Team Chef | Hydrator | Always Has the Heaviest Backpack

Patrice is a polite, Midwestern girl, raised in Lincoln, Nebraska. She's a card-carrying, red-wearing, football watching, true Cornhusker. That's just the root of how one would describe Patrice, because she's much, much more. She's definitely up for any adventure, hike, road trip, detour and expedition, but know this - she will expect food, something to drink and will want to carry the heaviest equipment the longest way around so she gets the most steps in for the day. She's our team's culinary conscience, the one who makes sure we're eating the right things, getting enough H2O, fueling our bodies and working off those occasional indulgences we just can't pass up. She doesn't sit down for long, must be cooking, creating some tasty treat or hauling something for someone. If you've been asked by Patrice if you've "had enough water today?" take it as a compliment . . . it's her way of saying she cares. Email Patrice