Ranger Dave

Former Park Ranger | Team Sherpa | Knows A Lot of Cool Stuff

Ohio born and raised close to the Kentucky line, so may have bourbon in his blood. Finished school at The Ohio State University back when hitchhiking was safe - he did some thumb stretches and headed West to discover an entirely strange and incredible country over yonder. Once he laid his eyes on the Grand Canyon, it was all over. Dave decided he'd stay there for a spell, becoming a Park Ranger on the South Rim. He was an Interpretive Ranger stationed at Desert View for 2 years, and then pushed on further West to explore for 20 more years. It's those life lessons, experiences, boots on the ground knowledge that make Ranger Dave one of the most interesting people you'd ever want to hike with. He's also someone you need on your team if you're ever playing trivia in a bar or watching Jeopardy. Dave has stored more useless information in his large noggin than Alexa, and you better believe he's not afraid to use it! It's all of these qualities and MORE that make Ranger Dave someone you look forward to having along for the ride.


Kalamity Karla

Team Organizer | Hippy Fashionista | Comic Relief at All Times

Ever hear of Rabbit Hash, KY? Oh, it's right around the corner from Sugar Tit, Beaverlick and Big Bone - duh! No joke, those are real names of places in Kentucky and our very own Kalamity Karla is from down there in the holler of Rabbit Hash. She is the Queen of Quirk, Teller of the Truth, Commander of Cool and will have you bent over, belly aching in stitches in a matter of minutes. Karla is known as the organized one and keeps us all posted of details, time of day, next stop, what's ahead and where we are going. Not only do you get to where you're going, on time, but you've had such a blast getting there you didn't notice how long it took. Karla's always got gum, band-aids, paperclips, moist towelette, some sort of fancy mints, anti-bacterial lotion, and the correct change. She's the "Pilot" in the RV for her and Ranger Dave, singing her own tunes while they wander to the next stop. She's an asset to the team in her own right and we can't wait for you to meet her.



Executive Producer | Tech Guru | Daredevil Surfer Dude

If you look up "Cool Dude" in the dictionary, Kevin's picture is listed. He doesn't try to be cool, he was just born that way. Raised in the salt and sand of Cocoa Beach, Florida, this guy has surfed, fished, wake boarded, skateboarded and styled into being one of the biggest trend-setting producers of outdoor television. A child of the MTV era (back when all that was played was music videos), Kevin soon learned that production was what he wanted to do. So he changed his major at the University of South Florida to Mass Communications and put his style and creativity to use in an industry that hadn't changed much over the years - fishing television. 22 years later, Addictive Fishing Television is still going strong on the Discovery Channel, and Producerman Kevin started looking for his next adventure. He brings the eyes and ears to the team - always in pursuit of the perfect shot (and always terrifyingly too close to the edge for the team to watch) and the soundtrack that will bring it all to life. He eats, sleeps, dreams and wakes up thinking about "how cool would it be if we can do this . . . "It's what drives us all to try something new, push a little out of our comfort zones and feel the rush. He's definitely high-energy, high-pursuit and high quality at all times on this journey. 


Sweet Pea

Team Chef | Hydrator | Always Has the Heaviest Backpack

Patrice is a polite, Midwestern girl, raised in Lincoln, Nebraska. She's a card-carrying, red-wearing, football watching, true Cornhusker. That's just the root of how one would describe Patrice, because she's much, much more. She's definitely up for any adventure, hike, road trip, detour and expedition, but know this - she will expect food, something to drink and will want to carry the heaviest equipment the longest way around so she gets the most steps in for the day. She's our team's culinary conscience, the one who makes sure we're eating the right things, getting enough H2O, fueling our bodies and working off those occasional indulgences we just can't pass up. She doesn't sit down for long, must be cooking, creating some tasty treat or hauling something for someone. She's known by a multitude of affectionate names so stick with us and you'll encounter them one by one down the road. If you've been asked by Patrice if you've "had enough water today?" take it as a compliment . . . it's her way of saying she cares. 


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