🚍 It's All Ranger Dave's Fault

Ep #3 from the Grand Canyon
"Have you been to the Grand Canyon yet?" That's the question that started it all for us back in 2011. It was on one of our visits to Vegas for an annual fishing convention where we started chatting things up with another couple who owned their own business within the fishing industry, the Burch duo (Dave and Karla). We hit it off right away with these two . . . smart, hard working, irreverent and oh so hilarious! One night at dinner together, we found out Dave worked as a Park Ranger at the Grand Canyon straight out of college, and the Canyon was somewhere he considered a spiritual and "holy" place ever since. He and Karla often went back as it had become their place to reconnect, unwind, unplug and center themselves. Dave said to both of us, "Have you been the Grand Canyon yet? You should come with us after the tradeshow ends. Karla and I are heading there for a few days, would love to show you guys one of our favorite places on this planet." Kevin and I were definitely intrigued. Our love for adventure was something we had always shared. We looked at each other and thought, how are we going to figure out taking the time off to go? We made a few phone calls back home, one to the film crew to see if anything was scheduled and the other to the dog sitter . . . ultimately we made it happen.  

I'll never forget my steps to the edge and my first look at the Canyon. It was the same for both Kevin and me, simultaneously - Silence. Breathtaking. Overwhelming. Tears. (in that order) What an incredible and humbling site to behold. We were hooked. It was from that moment on that the Burch's and the McCabe's forged an unspoken and kindred friendship. Little did we know, we would travel the country, explore unapologetically, learn unconditionally, laugh until our faces hurt, cry from the immense beauty of it all, and heal for years to come.

Lost in Tent Rocks
It was from this unforgettable moment on, Dave Burch came to be known to us as "Ranger Dave." He always takes the lead on planning our next adventure . . . the where, how, when and what detours to take. In fact, it's remarkable how thorough Ranger Dave is in making sure we squeeeeeeeze the most out of every single experience.

Ranger Dave Tours RV Trip Journals
He handcrafts itinerary booklets for each of us and distributes them at the beginning of every trip. Each itinerary has a daily plan, map, scheduled activities and final destination to wrap up the day. It's this prevailing wanderlust in Ranger Dave that makes him who he is and why we love him. It's this passion for adventure that keeps us coming back every time.

Monument Valley Navajo Tribal Park
Present Day: Almost 12 years later . . . we've been to some of the MOST incredible places in this wonderful country of ours together. Click here to watch Burchwood - Journey to Monument Valley.  Only now we travel together in our RVs, and that has made ALL THE DIFFERENCE in the experience. Holy schmoly, what a difference! 

Chili Stuffed Sweet Potato
Oh, and what did I make for dinner that night around camp in the Grand Canyon episode "Speck of Dust"? I made my Chili-stuffed sweet potatoes. Here's a tip for ya . . . I pre-make my spaghetti sauce, chili and soups at home before hitting the road. I freeze them flat in plastic freezer bags so when they're solid, they take up less space in my RV freezer, and they thaw quicker. 

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