🧭 Bryce Canyon Hoodoos Hiking Trail

Thor's Hammer at Bryce Canyon NP
For me, there are no words to truly describe Bryce Canyon National Park. The way Mother Nature has taken her time in chiseling out the most incredible designs in the earth is truly mind blowing.

Bryce Canyon Amphitheater
It seems like I am much more sensitive to these natural and humbling wonders these days, and a tear (or 40) always seems to make its way down my cheek when I am confronted for the first time with their presence. Once again, I find myself standing on the edge and looking out at the landscape, to which I am humbled, put in my place, and at peace.

Bryce Canyon National Park
Bryce Canyon definitely spoke to me in a way that even the Grand Canyon did not. The hoodoos jutting up out of the earth and towering over me took my breath away. The Paiute called these mysterious rock formations Anka-ku-was-a-wits, meaning the "red painted faces." They believed they were originally the "Evil Legend People" who were turned to stone by the all-powerful Coyote spirit because they had done something bad. There is most definitely an omnipresence there in the canyon and walking amongst the hoodoos. A constant reminder to be kind, do good things and stay humble. This is why I hike.   - Sweet Pea.

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