💦 Keeping Your Windshield Clean

Bug Off Clean Windshield
Your RV windshield is your window to the world. The size of our windshield was one of the selling points in our RV. We look through 120 inches of crystal clear glass when we trave, unless it's love bug season! We live in Tampa, Florida, and every summer we have to deal with the annual migration of the useless and pesky love bug. They can make driving in Florida a real pain for your eyes. Trying to drive a 26' Class A RV with your windshield covered in love bugs really stinks.

Producerman At Work
I guess you can tell I'm a real stickler for a clean windshield. We clean our windshield every morning before we roll out, so we start fresh with a clear view of the world. We use a product called Bug Off by Star Brite. We've been using it on our car windshield for many years and now that we have an RV, we never leave home without it. Click the video link below to watch us in action: