🌵 Cactus Are Magnificent and Malevolent

Saguaro National Park
"I prefer the cactus, for the simple reason that it has a more interesting personality. It has wonderfully adapted itself to its surroundings! It is the best illustration of the theory of evolution in plant life." - Charles Proteus Steinmetz.

I'm a tree lover. A hugger and even a sniffer of trees. What can I say, they speak to me. The way they seem to grow in some of the most bizarre and curious locations - between rocks, jutting out from the canyon, split down the center by lightning, no matter the challenge, the great ones overcome and thrive! That's why when we made our way down the path in Saguaro National Park and met our first cactus, I fell instantly in love.

Cactus Are Cool
Talk about adversity. Talk about thriving in a world where nothing seems to live. But, if you take a closer look around you in the desert, you'll see some of the strangest forms of beauty and peculiarity on the planet. This ecosystem is foreign to me, but now that I've stood on the threshold of strange and peaked in . . . I must know more!

Saguaro Cactus
On our way to Saguaro, we made a pitstop at the Arizona-Sonoran Desert Museum where our eyes were dazzled by so many varieties of cactus. WOW! is an understatement. To think there are this many different species of cactus and succulents is mind-blowing.

Purple Cactus
From Prickly Pears to Chollas, Pincushions to Organ Pipes, and Barrel to Beavertails . . . It's all proof (to me) that I need to step back, stop talking, and learn more from my surroundings and these cactus. Choose to see the positive in even the most desolate and desperate situations.

Prickly Pear Cactus
Sure, one might come out of it all with a few extra sharp edges and perhaps a little prickly, but that thorny, murderous exterior is called survival. That's why these beautiful, hearty plants will be here LONG after we're gone. I just won't be hugging or sniffing one of these fellas anytime soon.

We get to show you some of these guys in our first episode of RV There Yet? beginning on Saturday, January 1st at 8 a.m. (ET & PT) on Discovery. Don't miss it!