🍤 Wild Ocean Shrimp Tasting Extra

On Set at Wild Ocean Seafood Market
Wild Ocean is a fourth-generation, family owned business based in Titusville and Port Canaveral, Florida. It's here where some of the world's tastiest and freshest shrimp come in, get processed and put on our tables. This is not a easy business, these people work their hineys off, and we certainly appreciate them! Learn the cool history of Wild Ocean.

We happened to be filming on a day where Wild Ocean had three shrimp boats come in and dock early that morning with ships full of shrimp! It was a full moon, and that brought in the most variety of shrimp they've seen in a while. So, we got to taste a little of everything and see which ones were our favorite. 

Five Kinds of Shrimp at Wild Ocean
Wild Ocean's very own, Fishonista, Cinthia Sandoval, picked out a sampling of the brown shrimp, royal reds, rock shrimp, pink shrimp (hoppers) and white shrimp for us. She simply steamed them (no seasoning), and boy were we surprised at how much flavor all of the shrimp hold on their own. Incredible!

We saw the shrimpers unload their haul right before our eyes, and we were tasting them within the hour. Couldn't get them any fresher than that! You can too though!! Order them online or pay them a visit and enjoy fresh, delicious shrimp any way you like it. Check out our full shrimp tasting at Wild Ocean below or click this YouTube link to watch.