🚲 The Ultimate Grand Canyon Bike Ride

Epic Bike Ride to Hermit's Rest
Seeing the Grand Canyon is awe inspiring in itself but touring the Grand Canyon on a bike is mind and body altering. I highly recommend bringing your bicycle to the Grand Canyon. Whether it's an ebike or a regular bike, you won't regret it. It's the best way to get around the South Rim. The highlight of our trip to the Grand Canyon Village was the 8 mile bike ride from Trailer Village RV Park out to Hermit's Rest. This 16 mile roundtrip excursion is on the top of my favorites list.

That morning the call was 7am before anyone at the RV park woke up. All of us were getting our helmets ready, cleaning our Rad Power Bikes, and getting snacks and water ready for a full day shoot. Patrice and Karla were riding the foldable Rad Minis and Dave and I rode the RAD Rovers which are full sized mountain bikes. We left our RVs at 8am and made the short ride through the park to the beginning of Hermits Road by the shuttle bus stop. No cars are allowed past this point only shuttle buses, bicycles and hikers. 

Bright Angel Trail Overlook
The first mile of Hermit's Road from the shuttle stop to the first overlook is pretty steep, so we used the Rad Power Bike Pedal Assist feature to help start our day slowly, so we didn't burn ourselves out. Pedal Assist (PA) uses the motor to help you pedal the bike, so you can vary how hard you want to workout. I use PA2 for a good physical leg workout. PA3 is a good cruise setting for cardio or don't even bother pedaling at all and use the handle bar throttle to accelerate. All of us were using various degrees of pedal assist and travelling between 15 and 20 miles per hour to our first stop - Bright Angel Trail Overlook. This location is a great place to watch the hiking activities on the Bright Angel Trail. The people looked like ants in an ant farm marching onward. You could sit here for hours and look out across the 18 miles of canyon to the North Rim. The best time to visit this spot is early in the morning or, even better, in the late afternoon as the hikers are coming back up from Phantom Ranch. The thrill of victory or the agony of de' feet is on display every day here on the Bright Angel Trail. A trail I have yet to challenge, but it's on my bucket list.

Grand Canyon - The Abyss
We made our way West on Hermit's Road passing Maricopa Point, Powell Point, Hopi Point, and Mohave Point. Our next stop was The Abyss. This overlook sits at the top of a 3,000 foot vertical drop. The Abyss features the longest vertical drop from anywhere on the Grand Canyon's South Rim. It's spectacular. We parked our bikes and hiked out to the point, so we could look back at the awesomeness. It will take your breath away. Seeing the Mohave Wall and The Abyss is one of my favorites places in the Canyon. Ranger Dave and Kalamity Karla showed us this spot when he hiked the Rim Trail years ago, and I still think about it all the time. Even if you take the shuttle, you can stop at the Abyss. I highly recommend it.

I was looking forward to the next part of our bike ride on the new Greenway. Grand Canyon National Park has created a 2.8 mile paved path for bikes and ebikes. Unfortunately, you have to ride 4 miles on a paved road with shuttle buses going by (cars in the winter) to get to it. For the first time on Hermit's Road, we have are own path away from the shuttle buses and the road. It was a wide, multi-use path made for bicyclists and pedestrians. I would love to see more of these paths created at the Grand Canyon South Rim. It would provide such great access to all of the different trails, restaurants, hotels, and shopping and even the town of Tusayan is reachable by ebike. This would provide further access to more people without adding more cars to the highway.  As an avid ebike rider, I am interested in creating more path for bikes without affecting the pedestrian experience.

Hermit's Rest
At the end of the 7.1 mile bike ride lies Hermit's Rest. Designed by famed architect, Mary Jane Colter, this unique architectural structure was built by hand in 1914 to blend in with the geological surroundings. It's listed on the National Register of Historic Places. The building's centerpiece is a massive fireplace inside. The staff is very friendly and you can pick up a snack or read a book. It's a great stop for the shuttle bus. This was our first time visiting Hermit's Rest on a bike, and I can't wait to do it again. For hikers, the Hermit Trail down to the Colorado River starts a quarter mile past the gift shop.

Another nice feature on our Rad bikes is the digital display. This small screen mounted on the handlebars tells you which Pedal Assist is selected, your speed and your distance. I love being able to see how far we've ridden.

All of us had the best time at the Grand Canyon, and all of us attributed it having our Rad Power Bikes with us on this trip. Rather than pedaling a mile or two, ebikes allow you to go 10 or 20 miles. They are such a game changer for us when we travel in our RV. We are getting two new RadExpand 5 electric folding bikes, so we can store them in our tow vehicle everywhere we go. We will not be travelling without our Rad bikes. 

Safe Travel,

You can watch our bike ride to Hermit's Rest, click the link below of if you want to watch the full episode of RV There Yet Episode #3 - Speck of Dust from the Grand Canyon including this bike ride.