🍺 Oktoberfest in Helen, Georgia

Shooting in Alpine Helen, Georgia
Want to go to Germany for Oktoberfest but don't have the time? Visit Helen, Georgia and you'll feel transported upon arrival. Main street and the Festhalle are quaint, picturesque and out of a movie set. 

Bodensea Restaurant in Helen, GA
The people who have businesses there and have been there for decades are equally as fantastic as their surroundings. The people who come back every year bring energy and magic to the town all year round, but something about October makes it extra special. 

German Beer with Polka Man Dan
Octoberfest!! How do you celebrate? We Polka, Prost, and eat at Bodensee in Helen, GA - Zigge, zagge, zigge, zagge, hoi, hoi, hoi! 

Dancing the Polka

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