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Hi! I'm Patrice McCabe, my husband Kevin and I own and operate a television production company called MPI producing outdoor television for the past 20+ years. Some of you may know the TV show Addictive Fishing Television, it's a rod bendin' drag screamin' saltwater fishing show that's been airing on the Discovery Channel and Fox Sports. Over the years we've traveled to many beautiful places around the country fishing, filming and working.

Sweet Pea & Lucky
We set out as a small television production company following our dream of making it big with our fishing TV show. Our plan was to travel to coastal saltwater states, bringing our television show to tradeshows, boat shows and any gathering of fishermen to spread the word about Addictive Fishing. The plan sounded good, but I had to ask, "How are we going to get to all of these places, bring our tradeshow booth, sell goods, and film episodes?" My husband's response, "let's get an RV!"

Sweet Pea & Producerman - Catalina Island, CA
Let me clarify . . . the one thing I've always admired and loved about my husband is his blind faith and fearlessness to try something no one else has ever tried before. This is also the one thing that scares the ever-living daylights out of me. I'm a conservative, work hard, follow the rules kind of girl. My response: "We've never even been in an RV! What do we know about RVs? How much do those things even cost? How are we going to drive it? Are you insane?!" Long story short, we sat down with several local RV dealers and shared with them our plan to travel, market and promote our television show, our advertisers products, as well as an RV partner. We had one brave dealer willing to give us a shot and that's where our love of life on the road, in an RV, all began.

Addictive Fishing Mogan Bus
In 2005, we turned a 38 foot RV into a traveling billboard, theater, editing suite, film studio, crew accommodations, tackle shop and food truck for the next 5 years. She traveled from Florida to Maryland, to Texas, Louisiana, the Carolinas and every state in between. The plan worked too! We grew the recognition we needed to obtain more advertisers, put together better deals and ultimately put our TV show on a national network. 

15 years later, we're still going strong on the Discovery Channel and Fox Sports, but we had to say goodbye to our trusted motor coach. She worked hard for us for many years and had earned her retirement. However, our love for the road and RV life had not left us so we traded in the 38 footer for a 26 footer.

26' Short Bus
I have to come clean . . . all those years of working and traveling on the road in the 38 footer, I never drove it, not once. I was terrified of how big it was. Listen, I can tow a 24 foot boat, back it down a ramp, navigate it in a parking lot, you name it, but a 38 foot RV? Nope, not gonna do it. Now, this 26 footer is just my size. I LOVE driving it, and often on our trips I am the only one driving the entire time. (Besides, Kevin is a much better navigator, he understands these apps and internet thingies much better than I do.) You'll get to know him more along the way . . . he's the technical gear guy, gadget guru, and daredevil in the group. We make a great team!

RV There Yet TV
We have a new life adventure and television project in front of us and we can't wait to share it with you. Buckle up, pick a favorite song to play and crank up the volume . . . we're going on a road trip!

Stick around, there's more to come. RV There Yet?


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