🧭 Cape Final - Grand Canyon North Rim

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We've hiked the South Rim of the Grand Canyon a half a dozen times. All of them wonderful and soul-satisfying. This was the first time Ranger Dave had introduced us to the North Rim and let me just tell ya, it is equally as satisfying and spectacular as the "other side," just different.

Cape Final Flowers

Upon driving there and approaching, we noticed the vegetation got much more lush, the elevation is slightly higher so the vantage point is interesting, and the Aspen trees are plentiful and impressive! Out of the 4 of us, I was the one who prefers the North Rim to the South Rim simply because I favor the cooler climate and snow more than my hiking companions. Truth be told, I could live there. Ha! The Lodge at the North Rim has a balcony out back and after a long day of hiking, one can sit there with a prickly pear margarita in hand and watch the sunset . . . perhaps that was the selling point for me, but who's to tell?

Grand Canyon North Rim

We had a lovely hike one morning to Cape Final. Thru the woods, out to several breathtaking vistas and then the highlight was lunch a top the final peak before heading back to the car. It was another day that went into my journal and into my memory bank for life. Can't wait to go back.

Click the video below to see a few highlights of our day to Cape Final.


  1. The North Rim view of the other side of the Grand Canyon is pretty cool. You can see forever since your 1,000 feet higher. Loved it!

    1. I might be leaning toward the N. Rim better than the S. Rim. Not sure yet. Might need to go back to both to make sure. Ha!


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