🎄 Grand Canyon Christmas Vacation

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Christmas is a wonderful time of the year, we can all agree. The Grand Canyon is one of the world's wonders and an incredible one at that . . . we can all agree. Put the two together, Christmas in the Canyon and you have one of the most magical experiences on the planet! (At least, that's how I would describe it.) Click the link below to get in the Christmas Spirit and read on.

Ranger Dave called and said, "we have to book the cabins on the S. Rim overlooking the canyon a year in advance, and we're thinking of going for Christmas. Are you guys in?" Well, duh! Of course we're in, book 'em! So he stalked the Canyon's website down to the minute to ensure we had the cabins we wanted for Christmas and he got them. The rest of the trip went into plan-mode from there. When we arrived in Williams, AZ (an Americana treasure on Route 66) it had just snowed, the air was crisp, and the Christmas spirit was in the air! The shenanigans commenced . . .

Route 66 Williams, AZ

Each day we were in the Canyon was like opening another present under the tree. We spent every minute exploring trails, having lunch overlooking Vishnu's Temple, hiking from the Kaibab Trail to Yaki Point, hot chocolate in front of the fire at Hermit's Rest, laughed over dessert and drinks at the El Tovar (beautifully decked out in Christmas decor and flooded with music). If I close my eyes I can be transported right back there in an instant.

Grand Canyon Sunrise

When I look back on my life and think of moments that stand out immediately, that Christmas morning is at the top. Standing on a ledge watching the sun rise with tears of joy streaming down my face. It truly was a magical moment spent with my husband and dear friends. Where time stood still, the world was asleep and we had this place, this moment ALL TO OURSELVES. Magical.

The video below is home video of our holiday shenanigans and incredible views of the Canyon. Enjoy!

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