🧭 Highest Waterfall in Georgia

Amicolola Falls State Park

The McCabes (that's us) are based in Tampa, and although Florida is a beautiful and diverse place to live and explore, sometimes living at sea level gets a little flat. So, when Kevin was trying to find places within a day's drive from home, but far enough away to get some elevation, little did he know he'd find one of our favorite spots to keep coming back to - Amicalola Falls State Park in Dawsonville, GA. 

Producer & Sweet Pea at Amicolola Falls
The word Amicalola is derived from the Cherokee language, meaning "tumbling waters," and the park is home to a 729 foot waterfall that is the highest in Georgia. While there are 10 total trails emanating from the park, the most popular pathway for serious hikers is the 8.5-mile Approach Trail that runs from the park to Springer Mountain, the southern terminus of the famous Appalachian Trail (AT).

Start of the Appalachian Trail
Thru-hikers can register or check in here for the AT before heading out. The trailhead is marked by an iconic stone archway that has become a symbol for experienced trekkers who make the ascent toward the legendary 2,150 mile Appalachian Trail. We had Ranger Dave and Kalamity Karla with us one weekend and did the Hike-In and back to the Lodge in one day . . . needless to say, these flat-landers were a little spent.

One of my favorite getaways that's close enough to home, yet leaves me feeling like I'm far, far away. Check it out in our short phone video of the "Hike In" trail:

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