📺 Discovery and MotorTrend on Board

Last week was a big week for the RV There Yet? television series. Our long awaited July deadline had arrived to screen an episode treatment for the network. Everything we have done up to this point was on the line. If they didn't like it, we would be searching for a new network. If they loved it, our careers may be changing forever. The booth had two TV monitors on each side playing a montage of all of the different Discovery Channel shows. As we begin to discuss the series, I look over my client's shoulder and I'm sitting there watching myself and Patrice on the monitor. The next shot is the whole RV There Yet? cast on a mountaintop ending with a sunset time lapse. I froze. Did I just see what I thought I saw?

RV There Yet? in Discovery Channel booth
The quote from our client said it all, "What you sent us was more than just a treatment. It was broadcast ready." This was all I needed to see and hear. The network was so impressed they used a few shots from our treatment in their convention booth video. The series will debut on Saturday, January 1 at 8am ET & PT on Discovery Channel and replay on MOTORTREND network starting in February. My mind was blown. I was humbled to think my life would be changing from this moment forward. I have spent that last 30 years behind the camera and now I was out front. No safety net. All of our hard work is starting to pay off.

Discovery Booth with 30 Miles Out Crew
Later that day, we brought fellow RVers (friends of ours from 30 Miles Out) into the booth to show them the good news. They had heard about the project for the past 2 years and wondered how it was going. We have the first episode in the can and leave next week to shoot two more in Arizona. We are ready to explore America and tell it's story, and there's no better way to see it than in an RV. 

Jacks up . . . let's roll!