🎬 First RV There Yet? Shoot in the Can

Roll Cameras

I can sit here now and tell you all about our 1st RV There Yet? shoot without my blood pressure rising, ha! Let's back it up about 2 weeks when the refrigerator in our rig quit working. We knew we would be on the road for a little over 2 weeks, carrying extra supplies due to crew meals, etc., so refrigeration is a key factor. Our phone call went in to our mechanic first sign of fridge troubles. He ran right over, spent entire weekend diagnosing and finally fixed the issue. I was ecstatic! Knowing I had a freezer and refrigerator might seem like a little thing to most, but it's my world. Probably 70% of why we got an RV in the first place is so we could control our food and have our own meals. So, when the next morning came around, and Kevin went out to phone in fridge and freezer temps to the mechanic, only to find it wasn't working again, you can imagine my frustration and blood pressure. Long story short, we need a completely new fridge unit and there was no way we would have one for this trip. Ugh!! Kevin immediately went online and bought a portable freezer so I could at least keep my meat and prepped meals frozen. The rest we would keep in our two YETI coolers and keep icing. Seriously, UGH! 

Nonetheless, we forge on and stay excited about the trip, the opportunity to explore and meeting up with our favorite people to travel the planet with, the Burchs! The trip out to location went smooth and incident-free. We arrive at our pre-production spot on time, eager to see everyone.  Our production crew is flying in from around the US, and when they arrive on location, one of them has food poisoning. This is no bueno! We have an early morning crew call to begin filming, and the poor fella is laid up in a hotel room trying to keep anything down and rally by morning.

Birds Attacking Drone
Nonetheless, we forge on and continue to be excited about the trip . . . next morning, the plan is to drive the bridge and cross state line 3 times so all cameras and drone can capture the shot. We all get up and out, get set, radio call goes out, "Rolling!" RVs start driving, drone goes up . . . and at least 3 dozen swallow birds start attacking the drone in flight. Under the bridge where we were staging, there was a swallow nest convention happening, and the Mama birds mistakenly took the drone for a predator. They began their assault and were relentless. Nonetheless, we forge on! 

Although our trip started out a bit shaky, we managed to keep cool heads and getterdun. Lots of highlights and successes to share, and our story will continue in next blog entry. 

On a side note:  our hometown hockey team just brought home the Stanley Cup in a Back to Back Championship win, and I must admit one of the highlights of our trip was to be able to watch them in the playoffs (to beat out the NY Islanders), while on the road filming, out in the middle of nowhere, thanks to our new DISH satellite. It was surreal and now looking back, a night of fun and WINNING on many levels. Well done and congrats Tampa Bay Lightning!!

DISH Playmaker
So . . . we pulled it off, we persevered and can't wait to share the episode with you. You'd never know any of this happened, unless I told ya. Just keeping it real! Wouldn't trade a single minute of it for anything else. Can't wait until the next adventure. RV There Yet?!

Sweet Pea