🚍 Interesting Stops Along The Way

Arbor Lodge
Have you ever been greeted by a Historian in Bicycle Bloomers (Circa late 1880's)? We just did. Stopped in for a very cool history lesson at Arbor Lodge, and the Morton family's mansion. They had a HUGE impact on Nebraska history and in fact, the world. We learned all about that history and the future mission in action. Oh, not to mention, we had the BEST apple cider we'd ever had. 

Platte River State Park
Next, we put down the jacks for the night at one of Nebraska's new venture parks, Platte River State Park. We were greeted by the Superintendent and headed out to explore the waterfall, observation tower, spray park, shooting sports complex and more. One thing we had to check out was their new mountain bike trails. Spoiler alert - 3 out of 4 of us wiped out (some worse than others).

Chadron State Park Sunset
Dressed our wounds, and the next day we drove across state thru some of the most incredible, distinctive and diverse landscapes any of us has ever seen. Found ourselves in Chadron State Park where we captured some REALLY spectacular drone footage of the landscape for the episode. Best hiking, biking, and vistas we've seen in a VERY long time. Campground was spotless, friendly, and can't wait to go back. 

Chadron State Park Campground

Finished this 5 day shoot at Wind Cave National Park with one of the most unique cave systems in the world. Wrapped our last bit of filming right before the first of many terrific lightning strikes and storms. It truly is America the Beautiful. That's a wrap . . . RV There Yet?!