🎬 January 1 RV There Yet? on Discovery

RV There Yet? on Discovery
As we get closer to our Series debut (January 1 on Discovery at 8am ET) I've been reflecting more on the journey and crazy notion Kevin (Producerman) had 2 years ago. We were sitting in the middle of our network broker's booth at an annual convention (we've been producing TV for over 23 years) when he said to them in our meeting, "How would you like to see an RV show?" I didn't know he was going to say this. I didn't even know he was thinking it.

His timing and intuition have always been spot on. His blind ambition and courage (or blatant disregard) are what I love the most and what frighten me the most about him. Ha!!

Long story short, here we are. RV There Yet? Season One debuts on Saturday, January 1 at 8 am ET and PT on Discovery channel . . . Happy New Year!! Check the full schedule here.

We wish you a very Merry Christmas and Happy Holiday season, and we hope you join us in the New Year as we explore and travel 'round this incredible country of ours. RV There Yet?! Click the link below to watch the new RV There Yet? trailer.