🌞 Fort DeSoto Alternate Plans

RV There Yet? Ep 4 - Alternate Plans
We have not had any problems thus far in shooting the television series - RV There Yet? I try not to look at the weather too much but on this shoot it was inevitable. We were working with the Fort DeSoto Campground folks. They reserved a great spot on the bay overlooking the sunset for us. We had everything setup for a great shoot. We arrived to beautiful weather, sunny skies. All was great. Filmed a great piece on how Patrice and I park the RV. I hope a few people learned something from that segment. Once we arrived and got camp set up, we grabbed the RAD bikes off the RV and headed for the sunset. The north beach at Fort DeSoto Park is the best place to watch the sunset. Sandy beaches with nothing but sailboats and cargo ships cruising by. The sunset was spectacular.

Fort DeSoto North Beach Sunset
Next morning we woke to the sounds of birds. Seagulls, egrets and ospreys were the first to wake and begin the search for breakfast. Patrice got her coffee, and I picked up a fishing rod. I spent 23 years producing Addictive Fishing Television, and I can't shake the addiction to cast a line and see what might be out there. That morning, nothing happened but it was worth waking up and greeting the sunrise. 

We had a busy shoot schedule that day, so we jumped on the bikes and headed off to meet, Ranger Joe Wolfe. For all the years Patrice and I have been coming to Fort DeSoto Park, we never stopped to learn the history and today we were getting a crash course from Ranger Joe. The history dates back to the 1800's and the fort is still in great shape. It's a great place to bring the family. The 1,000' fishing pier is close by. The museum is right across the parking lot, and they have covered pavilions and restrooms for all visitors.

Kevin, Ranger Joe and Patrice at Fort DeSoto
The interview with Ranger Joe was fascinating, and we got to tour the museum and see some of the bombs they launched. It was pretty cool stuff. Ranger Joe told us about the East Beach, so we took a short bike ride over there and saw a beautiful fishing spot overlooking the Sunshine Skyway bridge. It was a nice beach with great access for inshore fishing for waders and kayakers. 

Fort DeSoto East Beach
The day ended with adult beverages around the campfire, and the discussion of what we were doing the next day. We were supposed to go fishing with a popular Tampa Bay fishing guide, but mother nature had other plans for us. As the mosquitos were landing on Patrice's forehead, we had to call the fishing guide off and make "Alternate Plans." Patrice made a call to the Dali Museum, and I called the Tampa Bay Grand Prix. We were able to schedule the Salvador Dali Museum at 6:30am and indoor kart racing at 11am. We got clearance to shoot in both places before they opened for business. We scored big time and can't thank them enough for the great hospitality. We woke up the next day with cloudy, rainy conditions, so we headed to our first stop. We got to meet Dali curator, Peter Tush. He told us about this amazing art collection in downtown St. Petersburg. 

Indoor kart racing was exhilarating. I'm not going to be a spoiler and tell you who won. You have to watch the episode below. Our week ended with another adrenaline pumping activity - ziplining. On day 4 we traveled north to Ocala, Florida and went to Zip The Canyon. This segment gets my heart beating. The music, the cinematography, the emotion . . . crank up your speakers and click the link below to watch Ep #4 - Alternate Plans.

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