🤠 Mayor of Tombstone Arizona

Meet Mayor Dusty Escapule
One of the highlights of the first season was getting to meet and interview the Mayor of Tombstone, Arizona. I've done many TV interviews in my career, but Dusty Escapule is at the top of the list. He's a 4th generation Tombstone resident and over the years, his family has been involved in some of the Old West's wild history. From the Clanton boys working for his Great Grandad breaking in some horses to cleaning up at Big Nose Kate's one night when someone (or something) walked in to ask for whiskey, this interview is a candid chat about how Tombstone came to be. 

Grab a cold one and pull up a chair, Mayor Dusty's got some stories to tell!

Click the video below to watch our full interview with Mayor Dusty Escapule.

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