💻 RV There Yet? Season 1 Now on ROKU

RV There Yet? Channel on ROKU
Producerman has done it again. He constantly impresses me with how often the "creative" strikes! Two  weeks ago, he was approved by Amazon Prime Video to carry the series. Albeit, Amazon Prime doesn't allow new shows into their FREE Prime Video program, therefore, we partner with Amazon to sell the series. The irony is, we aren't necessarily interested in collecting money for the series right now. We simply want as many people to be able to find it and watch it. That being said, Producerman went on a mission . . . 

So, next up on his list was creating a FREE ROKU channel. From what he tells me (and the noises coming from the studio), if you've ever tried to make a ROKU channel, the programming is tedious. The approval process is tough. Each day since the Amazon project, he has come in for dinner complaining about the ROKU process. He does not have a background in coding and software, but he's always managed to figure things out. I did, however, begin to wonder how he was going to get the ROKU channel done. 

Hallelujah, RV There Yet?'s new ROKU channel was approved yesterday! If you are a cord cutter and don't have cable TV, ROKU is the easiest way to watch the show. Search RV There Yet on your ROKU remote, and the channel will come up. On ROKU, you have to add the channel to your account, so you can watch. We'd love for you to search and add the series to your ROKU channel, and we would also love some reviews!! As you can see in the image below, we have 0 reviews, (I mean, it did just go LIVE yesterday) so your review would be very much appreciated. Click this link to go to your ROKU channel page.

You can now watch RV There Yet? Season 1 on ROKU, Amazon Prime, YouTube. Facebook and here on rvthereyettv.com. Mr. Producerman (Kevin) is constantly learning, exploring and figuring things out and for that, I am thankful. He wears many hats around here and now you can add "Tech Guru" as another title. Subscribe now and get ready for Season Two . . . I know I can't wait to start filming and road tripping! RV There Yet?! 

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RV There Yet? FREE on ROKU