🚍 Winnebago and Campers Inn Are In

Winnebago Vista 33K
After producing a fishing television series for over 22 years, we learned the number one key component to a successful series was having a boat sponsor. Now, producing an RV television series, the RV manufacturer partner is the key component. We purchased our first RV in 2004, and it was a Winnebago Itasca Suncruiser. We fell in love. So, when we set out to create and produce RV There Yet? we set our sights on getting Winnebago involved immediately. We were looking for one of the biggest companies in the industry to take a chance on the first big budget, quality RV travel series. We had the opportunity to talk to many companies, but Winnebago was the first one to step up and support the show, so kudos to them!

We've spent the last six months in front of a laptop computer on video conference calls hammering out deals and details for this season's lineup of advertisers and supporters. Without them, we could not make this road trip happen. The day finally came when we got the email that Winnebago was in! They were in! We couldn't have been more excited and honored. 

Next, where would we be picking it up? Where would we go shopping for all of our products? We knew we needed an RV dealer to work with us too and wanted someone we felt good about service, customer service, and attention to detail. We'd already been asked to appear in the Campers Inn RV booth this September in Hershey, PA at the RV Show, and so we got to talking to a few folks there. When we suggested Winnebago deliver our new Vista to the Campers Inn RV Headquarters in Jacksonville so we could meet everyone and shake hands, the deal was done.

Kevin Learning Winnebago Connect
We drove the 3 hour drive from Tampa to Jacksonville to pick up our new Winnebago Vista 33k. We met the Staff at Campers Inn and they were delightful. We took the opportunity to shoot a short video while we were there to show off our new ride, and the impressive facility there at Campers Inn RV. The process was super easy and our Tech, Greg, was happy to show us around one of Winnebago's newest designs. Hitting the market in January, this new design features the new Winnebago Connect system - a touchscreen wall unit that runs everything on the coach. I enjoyed pushing all the buttons to see what she could do. Dimming of lights, programmable air conditioning settings, WiFi connections . . . my head was spinning. Oh, and this coach has two bathrooms. Patrice was checking out the master bath and king size bed. It reminded us so much of our first Winnebago, but so much more improved. We were in love again!

Patrice with New Winnebago Vista 33k
Patrice drove the first leg home, while I followed in our SUV. We switched about halfway, and I drove the rest of the way to Tampa. Both of us were amazed at how smooth, quiet and comfortable the new Vista is . . . we think Winnebago is the top for quality, well-built, and thought-of-everything machinery. It brought me right back to our first Winnebago (almost 20 years ago), where I felt safe, comfortable and cool driving that thing down the road. Can't wait to take this new Vista on it's first episode shoot later this month! Check out the Pick Up video below. RV There Yet?