🍎 Apple Picking at Pietree Orchard

Pietree Orchard with Matt
Apples, apples, apples!! To say I was excited about this day of filming is an understatement. I love all things food, farming, and fresh off the tree, so Pietree Orchard was something I had been looking forward to since we were introduced to the idea.

Pietree Orchard with Matt
The day started off really foggy, and although the film crew and Kevin (Producerman) were all groaning about the conditions for filming, I secretly was giggling at the thought of walking through an apple orchard, surrounded by the mountains of Maine, in the fog!! Can you get any more picturesque than that?! (Well, I guess if you don't have light, the depth of field and aperture for capturing it in pictures, it isn't all that picturesque after all, so I get why the crew was moaning over conditions. At least that's what I heard them saying.) Nonetheless, I was delighted when we arrived and met Matt Carter the managing farmer of Pietree Orchard.

Shopping at Pietree Orchard
We learned all about the different varieties of apples they grow, and how they graft the trees to make more, different techniques of growing the trees, walked the orchard picking apples, shopped in the retail farm stand on property for fresh produce not only from their orchard, but also from surrounding farms. They fed us apple cider donuts and some of the best wood-fired pizza we'd ever had. I came home with some of their own syrup, apples, peaches, jam, maple cream, maple candy, apple cider, and whoopie pies.

Picking Apples at Pietree Orchard
The fog had lifted, the sun came out and it was a spectacular day. My favorite part of the day was walking through picking apples that I would be taking back with me, and just biting into one right off the tree. It tasted of pure freshness, pure apple, pure happiness for me. Kevin and I sat on a picnic table at the end of one of the rows and took it all in again. What a setting for a day of filming, meeting interesting people, learning something new, and getting to literally take a bite out of the local flavor. Watch Full Episode Below.

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