🧭 Pleasant Mountain - Ledges Trail

Pleasant Mountain - Ledges Trail
At 2,006 feet, Pleasant Mountain is the tallest mountain in southern Maine and one of the defining landmarks of the Sebago Lake region. There are four trailheads on the mountain: Ledges, Bald Peak, Southwest Ridge, and Firewarden’s. All trails connect and lead to the main summit. We chose the Ledges Trail, a 1.8 miles hike to the primary summit of Pleasant Mountain. Oh, and please note, the elevation gain in that 1.8 miles is 1,600 feet.

When we researched this particular hike, the draw for Kevin and me were the views it boasted. We both knew it would look incredible on camera and really translate the beauty of this Lakes and Mountains region of Maine perfectly. The website for Pleasant Mountain did let us know of the elevation gain in the 1.8 mile hike, and we knew it would be challenging, but we were banking on it only being a 1.8 mile hike to ease our delivery of the news to our film crew. We're all "in shape" and active people and everyone was on board. Kevin and I always prepare for a hike by making sure we have plenty of water, high protein snacks (nuts and jerky), our hiking sticks, sunscreen and bug wipes. We always go over supplies with our crew as well. 

Ledge's Trailhead with Jon Evans
Prepping for this day of filming and coordinating logistics was easy. Getting the entire cast and crew up and down this trail was, let's say, a serious challenge. After meeting with Jon Evans the Stewardship Manager for Loon Echo Land Trust, learning about the land and what we were going to see along the way, and once we got up to the summit, only intensified the excitement for the hike. Simultaneously, we were all quietly questioning how difficult this hike was actually going to be carrying equipment, cameras, etc. . . and difficult it was. It was equally as beautiful filled with birch trees, big granite boulders, huge acorns, laughter and shenanigans.

Ledge's Trail in Denmark, Maine
The switchbacks and inclines were wonderfully planned out, a little tough, but gradual, until you got closer to the summit. At one point we all had to use hands, feet and legs to climb sheets of granite. The payoff was worth the sweat and a few 4-letter words. At the top, we took our time taking it all in. Each having our own private moment with Mother Earth, the view, the air, and the fact that we get to do this for a living.

Top View From Pleasant Mountain
Snacks and water came out to refuel, and the discussion of our decent began. It was going to be tough on the knees and feet coming down the entire time at such a steep grade. We took it slow and steady and didn't leave anyone behind. 

Only Lost One Crew Member
Back on flatter ground, the only thing we all wanted was a hot meal. So into Naples we went for a hearty late lunch at Gary's Olde Towne Tavern where the fish and chips did not disappoint. We discussed our day's adventures and not one of us regretted taking on and conquering that trail. Can't wait to share it with you this season!

Loon Echo Land Trust (LELT) was formed in 1987 by community members who saw the need to preserve the natural areas of the region. Today, LELT conserves 8,500 acres of land and maintains and protects public access to many iconic outdoor spaces such as Pleasant and Bald Pate Mountains. Watch the "Naples" episode below.