🚍 RVing From Florida to Maine

Winnebago VISTA 33k in Maine
We loaded up the Winnebago Vista and off we were on our Maine adventure. We left on a Friday and were meeting the film crew (who were flying in) on the next Monday, so we had a little time, but we were definitely on a schedule. Nonetheless, we were in our happy place . . . on the road!

Our journey takes use through Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Virginia, Maryland, Delaware, New Jersey, New York, (um, can we just take a minute to discuss the George Washington Bridge in New York City? What in tha?! First of all, it's a double-decker bridge where trucks, semis, and RVs have to take the top deck. Okay, I got this. We're 34 feet long, towing a vehicle, so roughly 40 feet long as we drive. We approach the top deck, and find the road is nothing but a bunch of patches upon patches, upon potholes, and who knows what! Just when we thought the coast was clear, and we reach the bottom of the bridge, we fall into a pothole the size of a kiddie swimming pool, maybe into another universe it was so big. I think I chipped a tooth!). We traveled through Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Hampshire and then into Maine. 

Dinner on Trickey Pond, Maine
Okay, phew made it through that and on to Maine! We could feel it as soon as we crossed the Maine state line. We head inland away from the coast, toward the mountains where it became lush, beautiful and wild. So much open space, so green, mountains all around us, and then we arrive in Naples where we will be putting jacks down for the week. It was pouring rain upon arrival, so unhooking our Blue Ox was a treat. Ha! We had to though, our site was not a pull through. After the rain cleared and we could step out to see our surroundings, we were very pleased. Our campsite was 5 feet away from Trickey Pond, had a nice canopy cover, and we get to call this home for a bit (and a fantastic sunset setting for campfire dinners). Couple of cool things about Loon's Haven Family Campground:
  • 5 minutes from downtown Naples
  • Has it's own private beach on the "pond"
  • Although most of the park is filled with "full timers," the sites for travelers like us are gorgeous!
Jockey Cap, Maine
Our first day of filming was rained out, but we had fun surveying and scouting all the spots we had lined up for the week. A little pre-planning, a good lunch and lots of laughs with our crew sure got our first leg of the 2 episode trip off on a great start! Watch full episode below: