🚍 The Winnebago Difference

The very first RV we ever bought and drove was a Winnebago Itasca Suncruiser (circa 2004). After leaving a meeting with Discovery channel, where my husband (and Executive Producer) pitched his "RV series," in the midst of the pandemic, and without running his crazy idea by me, the first thing out of my mouth was, "I want Winnebago to be a part of this."

Winnebago Factory Tour
We've worked with major brands (Fortune 500 companies) over our careers in the fishing industry, and have always appreciated the opportunity. The archetype of the RV is Winnebago, and now to be working with such an iconic brand in the RV industry is an honor and a treat!

Winnebago Has Built 500,000 RVs
This past summer we had the privilege of attending Winnebago's Grand National Rally, and filming an episode of RV There Yet? whilst there. Taking the factory tour and meeting all the people who build this brand was absolutely my favorite part of the trip. Watching generations of people work in symphony together, building RVs, Vans, parts, etc. . . . as I stood there, I could feel the pulse of this company racing. And if that wasn't exhilarating enough, we got to chat with Huw Bower, President of Winnebago Outdoors. Talk about energy and passion for what he does and for the product he represents . . . he's like a shot of caffeine that keeps you going!

Huw Bower - President, Winnebago Outdoors
Everywhere you look in the facility, there is signage representing what this brand stands for; quality, teamwork, pride in what you do, and attention to detail. It's why we are Winnebago RVers. The factory tour is open to everyone, gladly taking visitors through their facility . . . it is something I highly recommend to all RVers (to any one actually). It's a piece of Americana, it's a staple in our American economy, and it's a driving force in the RV industry. We are proud to be flying that "W."

Winnebago - United by Pride
Join us at the 2023 Grand National Rally (July 16 - 20) . . . hope to meet you there!
Watch the "Forest City" episode below: