🗽 Small American Business

Pat Mahoney with Daughters Patrice and Danielle
My father worked on cars for a living. He learned his trade in the Air Force as a young man, and it was that trade that raised a family, put his kids through school, and taught us what hard work looked like. That hard work brought he and my mother to Nebraska, where he had the opportunity to purchase a Midwestern franchise, "House of Mufflers and Brakes." I saw him go to work every day, early, before the sun was up. I saw him come home covered in grease and tired every evening. He went to work when he was sick, when the snow wasn't even plowed off of the streets yet, and when business was slow. It's that determination and drive that I saw, and it's made me who I am in business to this day.

Kevin started his company, McCabe Productions Inc. right out of college and the company is celebrating 32 years in business. We've been producing television for 23 of those years, and when we started RV There Yet? TV both Kevin and I had a list of things that were important to us we wanted to incorporate into the series, good things. One of those things we we both had on our list was finding American business success stories and shining a bright light on them for all to see. For example, we met 4th generation business owner, Mike Hesse from Blue Ox, and another generational business now in the hands of Raymond and Amanda Young from Young's Lobster Pound. We learned where Winnebagos come from in Forest City, Iowa, and we spent the day with Patrick Malloy from Swincar, a new all electric, eco-friendly attraction in Chattanooga, and many more this season. I'm so proud of these segments and I look forward to carrying this feature forward into Season 3.

Ben Hirsch, COO Campers Inn RV
For the Season 2 Finale we got to meet and chat with Ben Hirsch, COO of Campers Inn RV. This company has a great family-origin story, and a lot of times (for me) knowing the company's roots, and where they come from is why I seek them out to give them my business. It's that personal (sometimes genetic) connection that keeps the company focused on the right path, customer service, and brand quality. This is so true for Campers Inn RV, and we're so excited to share this feature with you in the Season Finale.

Campers Inn RV Store
Thank you to my Father for teaching me by example, and for instilling in me a fierce work ethic. Thank you to all of the small business owners in this country. You make America so unique, strong, and keep it running every single day. Thank you!

Watch the "Season 2 Finale" and check out the Camper's Inn Made in America segment.