🎬 Out-Takes and Extra Footage

History of Fort Pickens
We shoot thirteen RV There Yet? episodes each season, and after each shoot, we come home with a ton of footage. The episodes are only 30 minutes long, so you can imagine all of the extra footage we have after the edit is complete. The footage is great stuff, outtakes, full length interviews and drone footage that you didn't get to see on the episode. So, now that I'm done editing the season, I get to spend a few days diving back into the footage, finding these gems, and editing full interviews with exclusive (extra) footage. I'm also having a blast reliving all of these trips and memories!! 

Pleasant Mountain Extra
Many people have reached out from YouTube and ROKU and thanked us for sharing more footage, telling us how much they appreciate the "extras." This feedback gave me an idea, and so I made a new page on the website where you can watch all of our "Extra" features.