🚍 National Travel and Tourism Week

Crossing the Missouri River
We’ve always loved traveling in the U.S. As kids, both of our families explored different states during vacations. For example, my Dad would load up the car, Mom would pack PB&J sandwiches, sliced apples, and a thermos filled with coffee for the driver. My sister and I would jump in the backseat with our pillows, a deck of cards, and settle in for a long drive. Kevin’s parents would load up their VW Van with 3 boys, sleeping bags and surf boards, and head out on the road for their next family adventure. These are the moments that planted the seeds in both of us. These are the memories we chase now as adults. In fact, in our wedding vows Kevin promised to plan all our adventures, and I promised I would always pack good snacks! We’ve been living those vows since 2006, and even turned it up a notch with the debut of RV There Yet? TV in 2021. The series is heading into its 3rd season on the Discovery Channel and MotorTrend TV, and the road trip continues . . . 

Niobrara NE sunset

In celebration of National Travel and Tourism Week (this week), I’d like to thank all of the destination partners we’ve had the opportunity to work with and explore. Season 2’s adventures were incredible, diverse, beautiful, tasty, and enlightening. The people we met, the culture and history we learned, the food we tasted, and the sunsets we witnessed have all changed us. We will continue to change, grow, and learn from each trip. Growth and change are just a couple of the reasons why travel is so important. It’s an opportunity to learn from the landscapes, cultures, people, food, and history. It’s an opportunity to see that through our differences, we’ve got a lot of the same. It’s an opportunity to evolve and expand who we are as individuals. I come back from every road trip, every shoot, every adventure a little different, and I hope that never stops.

Maine's Young's Lobster Pound

RV There Yet? TV’s platform is the perfect vehicle (pun intended) to share these communities’ stories, the families and businesses that keep them alive, the natural beauty and diversity we have here in America (from sea to shining sea), the manmade wonders and ingenuities that are the foundation, all of it . . . we want to share it all! I love that this week is a spotlight on travel and tourism. It is such a big part of our country’s economy and what keeps communities and businesses going. It’s such a big part of what we do for a living too, and if we can inspire and motivate more people to travel, then we’ve done our job.

Campfire Dance