🧭 This Is How We Montana

Makoshika State Park Sunset

None of us had been to Montana before this shoot. From the moment we had our first pre-production meeting to tell the crew we were heading to Southeast Montana's Badlands the excitement and anticipation grew. We had done our research, but honestly did not know what to expect.

Glendive, Montana Badlands

The first night we all arrived and we walked out to the Twin Sisters to do a walk-thru for the filming of the next evening's sunset, our minds were blown. We were all like kids' in a candy store - "Ooh, look at this!" "Look over here!" "Wow!! What's that?!" "Climb up here!" It's so fun to experience a "1st" with people you like and who are like-minded when it comes to capturing the beauty of a place to share with others.

Yellowstone River Agate Hunting

This country is filled with incredible landscapes, history, and culture. It's also filled with hard-working families, custodians of history, and caretakers of the lands we get to call ours. The people we meet (and their families) along the way make each trip stand out, beyond the beauty and experience, it's the people. If you're headed to Montana and want to stop by any of the places we visited on this episode, click the map below for driving directions to each location.

For us, there is no better way to see and experience it all than by traveling in our RV and bringing a little piece of each stop home with us to share with our families and friends. We sure hope you put this Montana stop on your list of places to visit! Click this link or the video below to watch the full RV There Yet? "Glendive, MT" episode.