💦 Keeping it Clean

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Keeping our RV clean is one of my priorities from two standpoints - #1 it's a small space for two people and a dog, so organization and keeping things clean keeps us efficient and keeps me from going crazy. #2 keeping my family healthy and safe from germs / infection as well as keeping the place smelling fresh. I've been through so many products trying to find the right stuff! Finally found a brand that has EVERYTHING I need from toilet to sink to surfaces to slide-outs and windshield, you name it, they have it and it WORKS!! To be honest with you, I consistently use a handful of favorite products from Star Brite and that's ALL I use for EVERYTHING. Here are just some of my top go-to's for every day or every clean.

I absolutely LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the Mildew Stain Remover from Star Brite!! It's what I go to for the shower, the sinks, the toilet, drains, faucets, icky window corners that collect water (on the outside) - if there is moisture there will be mildew, if there's mildew, I've got Star Brite! Watch the video above to see how I use it in our RV bathroom. 

This is something we keep up with us in the driving zone. We use Star Brite's Screen Cleaner & Protectant on a daily basis, multiple times. It's a perfect way to keep our backup camera monitor clean and UV protected. We use it on our cell phones, TVs, tablets and computer monitors. It's simple: spray and wipe - all grime, smudges and fingerprints are wiped clean. Watch the video above to see how easy peasy and smells good too!

This one's a NO BRAINER!! Open lid. Remove plastic disc. Replace lid. Place on counter/surface. Done. Star Brite's Tea Tree Oil Gel Air Purifier uses genuine Australian tea tree oil to purify the air and make it smell fresh! It doesn't have an overpowering / oppressive scent like sprays, candles and plug-ins - it's light and clean. Watch the video above to see how the gel air purifier works to maintain healthy air for up to three months. When the gel turns dark and hardens, just toss it and replace it. Done.

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