🚍 Season 2 Premiere - Amicalola Falls

Amicalola Falls State Park
We've been RVing to Amicalola Falls State Park since 2006. Kevin was growing weary of listening to me gripe, whine, and moan about how Florida doesn't get any Fall weather. The leaves don't change colors, the air is still humid and swampy, blah, blah, blah . . . so, in his true wonderful nature, he started researching places close enough to get away for a long weekend, but far enough north to have colors, cool weather, and Fall. "It has this weird name," he said, "some place in the mountains of Georgia. Let's pack the hounds, and hop in the Winnebago and go!" So we did . . . little did we know that first trip, but Amicalola would become "our" place, our special getaway in the mountains that we would visit year after year. The trails are wonderful, the park is pristine, and the campground is at the top of the mountain! We couldn't wait to come back with the film crew this time and share why we love it so much.

Top of The Falls

The drive in to Amicalola Falls State Park takes you a long winding country roads, covered in canopy, sharp turns and a few steep hills. When you arrive, the Ranger at the gate greets you and tells you where to go. (This last trip, they were working on their new Welcome Center, so we can't wait to go back and see it all when it's finished.) We follow the road all the way up to the Lodge to check in and find out what site to park for the week. We then hurry up to set up camp. My favorite part of the travel day is putting the jacks down, slides out, and rugs on the floor, it's home! Another part of the day I most look forward to is getting some steps in. We always try to go for a small hike after a long drive, and the hike back to the Lodge to watch sunset from the veranda was just what we had planned. Spectacular views of the Chattahoochee National Forest, all the ridges with the sun rays hitting them, shadows and colors . . . AH!! Just what the soul needed.

Amicalola Falls
Next day, big hike to the waterfall!! There are several ways you can do the waterfall hike and depending on the amount of "challenge" you want or have time for, make sure you plan accordingly. My favorite part of this hike no matter the challenge, is the sound. You can't escape the sound of the water rushing nonstop, it's hypnotizing and invigorating. The East Trail back to the campground on the other hand is the opposite of invigorating, it's just plain tough at the end of the day. The view at the top is your reward, and for me, it's all I need to keep me coming back in my RV!

This is the premiere episode of Season 2 of RV There Yet? titled "Amicalola". If you haven't seen it yet, it's worth the 20 minutes of pure Georgia mountain fun!