💦 Highest Waterfall in Nebraska

Smith Falls State Park is named for Frederic Smith, who filed the first homestead patent on the land that surrounds the falls. The site became a state park in 1992. The main attraction is the highest waterfall in Nebraska, at 70 feet. The water is crisp and a perfect refresher on a hot summer day. The area also has biological significance where several ice age species can still be found. 
We arrived and met Superintendent Amy Kucera to get the scoop on all things Smith Falls. She grew up in the area, is an avid kayaker (loves to take her dogs with her), and shared the history, layout, and some of her favorites to do when you're at the park. We wrapped up with Amy and headed straight to the falls. By the time we got there, we had all worked up a pretty good sweat. 

We all get down to our shorts we wore under our hiking clothes, and start the approach in. You lose your breath for a second when the water hits your feet, then your ankles, and the spray coming down over the edge starts to get a little denser. It takes mere seconds before you're all in . . . you're climbing rocks, getting to the perfect perch to take on the most water and you're in, you're all in. "You're nuts!" is what I yell over to Kevin and George (cameraman), who are filming nonstop inside one of the biggest parts of the falls. I'm cold at this point and need to get back in the sun. Kevin and George stayed in the falls the longest, and came out (like the rest of us), utterly refreshed! 

Could you imagine you homestead this place, and then one day whilst exploring your property, you discover the falls?! Wow! 

We towel off, get dressed and head back over the bridge to wrap things up at Smith Falls. We took some time on the bridge watching the day-trippers and sunbathers float on by . . . favorite mode of transportation around these parts? Tube. That's right, get in a floating tube and experience the beautiful Niobrara River, a National Scenic River. It's an awesome way to spend the day, floating all your cares away! 

One of my favorite days of filming this season, and I can't wait to go back! Click the link below to watch the "Niobrara" episode.