🚍 Motoring Over To MotorTrend

RV There Yet? on MotorTrend Channel
We just got started, again!! We're heading over to MotorTrend Network with more RV There Yet? TV. Don't miss an episode, Saturdays at 7 a.m. (ET), we can't wait. This network has been a welcomed partner for us. The automotive-themed network walked into Discovery Channel's viewing of our Season One pilot in 2020 and said, "Can we have that series too?!," and so our relationship began. It's nice to have an RV travel series in between the fix it, race it, live events and motorsports. We'll see you over on MotorTrend TV.

Amicalola Falls State Park
To kick the next quarter off, we're jumping in the Winnebago VISTA 33K and heading North to Georgia's mountains. 

Pre-Production Meeting
"Amicalola" was our first episode shoot together as a crew for Season 2. Were we prepared? Very. Were we all nervous? Sure. Did we know exactly what we were doing? Absolutely not. Kevin and I have been going to Amicalola Falls State Park since 2006 personally, and love the place. As producers of the show, this made our jobs a little easier because we knew the lay of the land. We went into gear coordinating logistics, outlining the episode, prepping the RV (and all the things), and making sure all interviews, accommodations, venues, activities, were booked and ready.

Bodensea German Restaurant
The crew arrived on location for pre-production meeting, we review everything again for the 123rd time, prep gear for next day, and then Day 1 of the shoot comes . . . Kevin and I switch gears to "hosts" and it's on!! For the most part, the shoot went without a hitch. Okay, maybe a couple of hurdles, but the crew didn't skip a beat, we all pull together to getterdun, and despite it being the temperature of the sun every day, we had a blast!

Georgia Mountain Coaster
Join us Saturday, April 1 at 7 a.m. (ET) on MotorTrend TV for some RV There Yet? TV fun in the mountains of Georgia - hiking, Polkaing, and Alpine coastering (it's a word 😉).