🏁 What's a Swincar?

Swincar Electric Vehicle
When we were planning this episode and in our pre-production meetings with Chattanooga, they brought up this idea of the Swincar. Both Kevin and I looked at each other and said, "Tell us more!" The Swincar is an all electric, lightweight, powerful 4-wheel drive vehicle with independent articulating arms that can take you places you wouldn’t expect. It was originally designed by a French farmer who was tired of replacing and working on his farm vehicles breaking all the time from steep inclines and rough terrain. The vehicle has a patented pendulum design that keeps the driver upright with all four wheels on the ground. Designed with accessibility in mind, Swincars can adapt to the trail like no other vehicle. 

Kevin in his Swincar
We met the Swincar owner, Patrick Malloy at the Reflection Riding Arboretum and Nature Center, located on the backside of Lookout Mountain the day of filming. He joined us for our day of exploration and shared with us his passion for these types of eco-friendly adventures. Patrick and his wife Carolina own and operate Adventure Sports Innovation out of Chattanooga, where you can check out the Swincar, foil surfboards, eBikes and scooters, and plan your fun! 

Patrice Cruising
What we really appreciated the most about the Swincar was no noise!! Especially when filming, we didn't have to compete with a loud engine all day, and our crew didn't have to "eat" exhaust and emissions. It really is a low-impact, leave-no-trace way to explore nature. We dig that! Watch the full episode below: