🍍 Key West Food Tour

The Garden Hotel in Key West
Chances are you know what the "Duval Crawl" is in Key West. In case you don't, it's when you pop in and out of different establishments along the center of Key West's entertainment district (Duval Street), often consuming copious amounts of adult beverages. The reference to "crawl" can mean the pace at which you're enjoying your day, or it can mean the state in which you've relegated yourself after the copious amounts of consumed alcohol. It's up to you! Ha!

Kaya Island Eats in Key West
We decided to do the Duval Crawl a little different on this trip to Key West, a food tour!! It's hard to believe in all of our travels (and my love of food), that this was our very first food tour ever. Now, it is something I will seek out in all the new places we visit. What a wonderful way to see a town, learn the history behind the community, who settled here and why, and really understand how the local flavor came about.

Rasta Pasta
The tasty stops on this tour took us to Kaya Island Eats where Hawaii meets the Caribbean and where your taste buds are dazzled! We had their legendary Rasta Pasta dish that's a mix of macadamia nut jerk pesto, garlic and basil, and the blackened mahi served with a fresh mango, pineapple salsa and a goat cheese sauce, holy moly!! Next up was Cuban coffee at it's best, a stop at the Cuban Coffee Queen.

Cuban Coffee Queen
We walked through the alleyways off of Duval Street with our Key West Food Tours guide (a Key West native), learning more about the history of Key West and discovering new hidden gem spots. Just the way we like to travel! This day checked all the boxes for us, and reason #1,978 why we love to RV.