🥗 Where Our Food Comes From

Maine Lobster
I love food. I love good food, and I love knowing where my food comes from. I was a little too excited about this leg of our trip to Maine because I knew we were going to meet Raymond and Amanda Young of Young's Lobster Pound and finally get some Maine Lobster in our bellies.

Lobster Boat Unloading
The business is in Belfast, ME, sits on the water where the lobster fishermen pull right up and haul in their daily catch. We happened to be filming on a very foggy morning, so it wasn't until later that a couple of boats pulled up and we were lucky enough to capture them unloading. Talk about fresh! 

Interviewing Raymond Young
Talking to Raymond Young, 4th generation owner of Young's, was such a treat. He's got a thick New England accent, wearing lobsters on his shorts, and happy to share his family's history with us. Not to mention a few recipes with me off camera! 

Quiet on the Set
Next up, we head inside to learn about the difference between male and female lobsters, the size requirements for keepers, soft shell and hard shell, and what the perfect size is for lunch. Ha! We picked out our lobsters and Amanda (Raymond's daughter) shows us how to prepare them. It's no secret, and it's not complicated . . . they boil them in a kettle filled with the sea water pumped right in from Mother Nature. No seasoning, just as they are and let me tell you!! There is no fresher flavor than what we had for lunch that day.

Time to Eat!
Amanda loaded us up with fresh steamed clams, clam chowder, whole lobsters, Raymond's famous crab dip, corn on the cob and a lot of napkins. It was not pretty, but it was spectacular! 

Tasty Fresh Maine Lobster
My advice to you when you head to Maine. Find the place where the locals go. Find the place that's been in business for generations and the people are still coming in, lined up for fresh, local, simple food. It's reason #2,387 why I love to travel. Reason #4,583 why I love RVing . . . I loaded up on fresh seafood in my fridge and freezer and just drove it home to Tampa. We're still enjoying a little taste of Maine months later. Watch this weekend's episode of RV There Yet? TV - "Searsport" - Saturday, May 20th at 7 a.m. (ET) on MotorTrend TV.


  1. We have been Maine residents for close to ten years now! Still exploring all corners of the state, but that RV is way out of our reach, so we purchased a Sylvansport GO camper, and many of the accessories. It's easy to pack and tow and we've even been down the Golden Road with it! Please head back to Maine soon! There's so much more to see and experience than the seacoast!

    1. We got to explore the Lakes and Mountains region of Maine and enjoy that too - https://youtu.be/fLZ_aS5YmQw


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