🚍 National Go RVing Day

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To celebrate National Go RVing Day, we're going to answer a simple RV question. "What's your favorite thing about RVing?" That has got to be the most-asked question we get. Well, that and "why does Patrice always drive?" But, the answer to the first question is . . . the people we meet. Hands down, it's the people we meet along the way. The Park Rangers, the family camping next to us, the people we cross on our hikes, the waiter in the restaurant, the shop owner in town, the farmer or orchardist we see when picking apples or local produce, the families who work hard to keep our country going, no matter if they're growing our food, producing the products we use, or protecting us with their service. Hands down, our favorite thing about RVing is the people. 
Winnebago Vista 33k

We were just setting out to ride our bikes across the Cowboy Trail bridge outside of Valentine, Nebraska when this family of 5 (+ adorable dog) came walking toward us. They asked what all the cameras were there for and what we were doing, and we got to chat a while. What a delightful family!! One of the girls wants to be an actress, and we were ready to hire her, but Mom said she had to finish school first. Ha! The son wants to follow in his grandfather's footsteps and have a farm someday (we need more minds like his). They were out for an adventure before heading to meet the rest of their clan for a family reunion. Each encounter leaves an impression. 

FMCA Perry, Georgia
Then there's the events we are thrilled to attend . . . talk about meeting people!! Stories told left and right, people sharing tips and travel must-dos, and just a sense of camaraderie that is present whenever a bunch of RVers get together. Plus, the invitations to come visit, or join each other on the road. It's really a community of people who are genuinely happy and happy to meet ya.

Tampa RV Super Show

Not everyone loves RVing for the same reasons. Heck, not everyone loves RVing, and that's okay (we might think you're a little off in the rocker, but hey, to each his own - JUST KIDDING). There are so many reasons why we love RVing, and the people we meet is just one of them. Stick around, I'm sure we'll fill you in on the rest of the reasons over time. 

Oh, and that 2nd most asked question . . . why does Patrice drive all the time? I share the details with you in our episode from the Florida Keys, check it out!