🎵 Top 10 RV Road Trip Tunes

Disco Patrice
Music always seems to make driving better and especially on long RV road trips it can really make the difference.  My wife, Patrice, is always in the driver's seat, so I'm in charge of all the technology including the GPS, phones, music and more. I enjoy making Spotify playlists on my phone before we leave that matches the location and provides the backdrop for our destination. I've created a Traveling Tunes page on our website where you can choose all different types of playlists from California to New Mexico to the Smokey Mountains or Christmas to Dinnertime to 4th of July - over 25 different playlists for hours of listening enjoyment. Make sure to follow our Spotify page, so you will receive music updates along the way.

Winnebago Dance Party
I've selected my Top Ten Road Trip RV Driving Songs to share . . . not hard rock, but rather new country, easy listening, forward thinking, fun music that you can enjoy anytime. I didn't choose the standard tracks that some people think about while driving. I wanted to select new artists that you may not have heard yet. I hope you share some of your favorites in the comments below. We will continually add songs to this list. If you don't have a Spotify account, you will only be able to preview the tracks below. Sorry. 🙄

Kevin (Producerman)


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