🥘 Bourbon and Chili

What do you have when camping in the Cincy Region? Cincinnati chili and Kentucky Bourbon of course. (I wasn't mad at filming camp night for this episode, ha!)

I knew filming that week would be busy, so before we even left for this shoot, I searched an authentic recipe for Cincinnati chili online, and made a big batch prior to leaving. As I'm making it, I was thinking how strange the seasonings sounded, how I couldn't wait to taste it, and how I really couldn't wait to see how I did. Cincinnati chili has Greek roots, and calls for cinnamon, allspice, cloves, and chocolate. Plus, they serve it over spaghetti noodles. Different, and weirdly wonderful. Ha!

I was particularly nervous this camp night because we had invited a representative from Northern Kentucky's B-Line*, Amy Tobin to join us, bring some of the region's local Bourbons, and share her recipe for a delicious "caramel apple."

*What is the B-Line? In their words . . . "an experience centered around seven Kentucky Bourbon Trail Craft Tour Distilleries. Local bourbon-centric bars, all with a culture of their own, and all named to The Bourbon Review's list of the Best Bourbon Bars in America. Finally, mix in amazing restaurants cultivating the freshest tastes in bourbon culinary delights, and you're on The B-Line."

Amy mixed caramel, lemon juice, Bourbon, apple cider and ginger beer in a glass over ice. Garnished with apple slice, cinnamon sticks, and a sprig of rosemary. The look, smell, and taste of this cocktail was out of the Autumn camping handbook! Nailed it on all senses.

I knew her stuff was going to be good, didn't know how I was going to fare. To see how my chili did, you'll have to watch this episode of the Cincinnati Region is coming up on Season 3 of RV There Yet? TV.