🌞 Kentucky in the Summer

Green River Lake Fishing

From the moment we got the call asking us to come back and explore more Kentucky State Parks we started planning the trip! It's the planning and preparation that really amps our excitement and from the moment we hit the road, the anticipation started to build.

Green River Lake State Park
We just love being in the Adventurer, period. It's a great ride, great way to travel . . . we've got all our own food with us, our own bathroom (a bath and half for this floorplan), we sleep in our own bed, very own sheets. In fact, we sleep better in the RV than we do in our bed at home. No joke! It's dark, cool, quiet, and something about just being in it makes us sleep like babies. If you are traveling to the Central Kentucky area and need driving directions to any of the places with visited on this episode, click on our "TRIP MAPS" for easy navigation.

Knowing we would be camping at Green River Lake State Park had Kevin a little more excited than usual. He immediately packed the fishing rods. The campsites are all on the lake and there really isn't a bad view anywhere in the campground. Once we met Park Manager, Wes Lanham we felt like we were home. He invited us out on his boat for a tour of the lake and to cast a few times. Such a great day!

My Old Kentucky Home
The next day's plans had Patrice a little extra happy . . . history and mint juleps! We spent the day exploring the gorgeous grounds and old mansion of My Old Kentucky Home in Bardstown, KY. It's an experience unlike any other we've had yet. The grounds are meticulous, the mansion is as it was (has 75% of the original furnishings), and they not only greet you at the door in period dress, they welcome you with the Kentucky state song. Oh, and don't forget the hands-on experience of making mint juleps. Another awesome day!

Mint Julep ExperienceWe have explored Kentucky state parks in two different seasons now, Fall and Summer and we've come to the conclusion that any time is a great time to visit Kentucky!