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Winnebago Adventurer 35F
Number 1 question we get asked is "Why does Patrice drive?" Well, in her words, "You do not want me navigating! I do not have an internal compass, and we will get lost!" Admittedly, she also gets motion sick sitting in the passenger seat so Kevin navigates (thankfully) and Patrice drives.

Happy to be RVing!
Number 2 question we get asked is, "Where do you take your RV for repairs and maintenance?"

If you're an RVer, you know that service is a touchy topic. We've all had that phone call or visit to RV service shop where they tell you HOW LONG it's going to take to simply get the RV in for service. Then, the conversation about HOW MUCH it's going to cost. It's the HOW LONG that kills us and kept us on the lookout for a trusted RV service partner who could get the job done in a reasonable amount of time and not break the bank. It's not rocket science, right? Does this unicorn actually exist?

Yes!! But it's not a unicorn, it's a Gator . . . Gator Ford. They're not an RV retailer or dealer. They're experts in all things Ford, but they also use their expertise to fill in the MUCH needed gap between RV service and maintenance.

We brought our Adventurer in for a basic oil change and to service the generator and immediately felt like we found the partner we were looking for. We left the RV with them and upon leaving we got a text from our service tech with a link to watch a video of the RV being pulled into the bay, the technician then took us through a walk thru of the chassis, tires, generator, etc. Pointing out all the things that looked great, and a couple of items that should be addressed. Man, were we impressed and felt confident we were in the right hands.

We were called back in just over an hour to let us know the RV was ready for pick up.

Gator Ford Tampa
Gator Ford offers a surprisingly swift and pleasant RV service experience. They specialize in engine, drivability, transmission, and air conditioning repairs along with regular maintenance. Their expert RV technicians will make every effort to diagnose your RV's issues within 1 business day of your arrival. If possible, they will complete the necessary repairs or place your RV in the service schedule with your preferred status.

RV House Side Diagnostic and Repairs
Same Day Oil Changes
Same Day Preventative Maintenance
Wheel Alignments
Brake Maintenance & Repairs
Wheel Alignments On All RVs (Including Class-A)
Tire Replacement
Battery Repair and Replacement
Chassis Component Services For All RVs
RV Suspension Alignment
Cruise Control Repair
Drive Shaft Repair/Replacement
Exhaust System
Fuel System & Tank Repairs
Gas & Diesel RV Oil Change Services
Motorhome Engine & Related Systems Services
Motorhome Radiator Repair/Replacement
Nitrogen Tire Inflation
Rear-End Differential Repair/Replacement

These guys are no joke! Whether you drive a Class A, B, or C RV, even if you're not from Florida but you know you'll be down this way for vacation or going to the Tampa RV Super Show in January . . . schedule your stop at Gator Ford in Tampa. You'll be glad you did!