🧭 The Grand Canyon State

Arizona Landscape
Arizona is soooooooo much more than the Grand Canyon State. Although that's the motto on the interstate sign when you cross state lines. It's rich in history, natural wonders, wildlife, wonderment and National Parks. Just when you think you've seen a lot, there's oh so much more to see!
Coronado Peak, Arizona
This trip, Producerman and me got to see Southern Arizona for the first time, and it was an entirely different experience than those from our previous trips to the Grand Canyon South Rim, North Rim, Antelope Canyon, Monument Valley, Williams, etc. This trip to the "high desert" pleasantly surprised us both, it's beautiful. 
Saguaro National Park
The mountains, prickly pears, saguaros and history are plentiful. We need another trip (a few more trips) back to truly see it all and take it all in. We got to see Saguaro National Park, the Sonoran Desert Museum, Tombstone, Bisbee, San Xavier del Bac Mission, Coronado National Memorial, Montezuma's Pass and hike off the beaten path near Sierra Vista and Ft. Huachuca. Talk about a whirlwind trip . . . we were out there scoping things out to see what we want to come back and film for Season One of RV There Yet? and the answer is ALL. We want to film ALL things!! 
San Xavier del Bac Mission

Oh, we'll be back Arizona and this time we're bringing the film crew with us!